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by Toxic Ritual

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released November 10, 2012

Josh Crosse: Guitar, Vocals
James Watson: Bass, Backing Vocals
Ryan Milne: Drums, Backing Vocals



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Toxic Ritual Leeds, UK

Toxic Ritual is a 3 piece thrash/ punk crossover band from Leeds. Their music is loud, fast and dirty with songs about mutant cephlapods, radioactive psychopaths and Mario Kart.

Josh - Rhythm Guitar, Vocals
Lottie - Lead Guitar
James - Bass, Backing Vocals
Ryan - Drums, Backing Vocals
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Track Name: Rise of the Merzombies
Rising up from the deep undead mermen clawing up the beach
A product of man's naked greed, toxic waste and GM seed
Rage hits the coast of Japan, Mexico and the Sudan
Cities fall all across the Earth, from Port-au-Prince to Perth

Noble creatures now transformed, mutated and misformed
Remnants of what they used to be lurk inside and still see
Pyschic anger drives them on, causing chaos and destruction
Undead terror spreads to land from sea, how to stop them? What's the key?

Rise of the merzombies x2

World leaders meet amidst the carnage, to assess and halt the damage
Nukes and bioweapons ineffective, a new battle plan is needed
Hit them at their weakest place, smash the bastards in the face
Kill the brain, cause paralysis, it's time to assault Atlantis

Rise of the merzombies x2

This ain't no Disney film, these undead freaks will fuck you up x4
Track Name: Toxic Manifesto
We're Toxic Ritual, and we don't care
If you are short or tall, or how you cut your hair
We really couldn't give a fuck about who you are
As long as you are down the front and ready to get fucked up

We're Toxic Ritual x4

We've got no grand agenda, except having fun
Cause all we want to do is party, with everyone
Doesn't matter if you're into punk or metal, Nintendo or Playstation
Every race, every nation, get ready for intoxication

We're Toxic Ritual x4

Hey all you metal heads, let's make those necks sore
Hey all you punk rock fans, let's get this pit moving
Hey all you hardcore fans, let's see those fists flying
Hey emo kids, we're cool

We're Toxic Ritual x4
Track Name: Patient Zero
Down endless corridors I run, desperately evading capture
They know the monster they've created, the chaos I'll unleash

Better off dead
Worth more alive

Patient Zero

I hear the dogs get closer, the sirens in the night
I am the creator of destruction, the source of mankind's plight

Better off dead
Worth more alive

Now I've escaped
The world is open to me
I can go where I want to
It feels good to be free

I know that I'm dangerous
A hazard to harmony
But I'm more than their subject
My rage will be free

Patient zero